4D iTools is a companion designed to help the 4th Dimension developer.

This application includes a large number of useful features to facilitate your job with 4th Dimension.

- Color 4D -

- Choose a color from 4D palette or RGB and get directly the 4D command to insert into your methods

- Color Lab includes many palettes like Web, System, Windows...

Color4D screen shot

- Ascii tools -

Ascii Tools functions :

- String analyzing (Find "Gremlins" or ascii code in a string is easy).
- Ascii Table
- Keyboard to determine ascii code of a particular key
- Encode and Decode Base64 text

Ascii Tools screen shot


- Utilities -

Utilities functions :

- Mesures converter
- Hexadecimal <> Decimal
- Time to Ticks (1/60s)

Utilities screen shot


- MagniScreen -

MagniScreen get a color with precision on your screen using magnifying glass.

MagniScreen screen shot


- Screen Size -

Screen Size Displays the size of small screens on you desktop. This is useful to evaluate your design on smaller screen sizes while working on a large screen.

Screen Size screen shot


- Error Finder-

With Error Finder Get Error message from all the 4D products line.
at the same time, you get all errors messages for all products :
4D, 4D Internet Commands, 4D Write; 4D Draw, PowerView, 4D For Oracle, DDE Tools, 4D ODBC, 4D Backup, MacOS, etc...

Error Finder Screen shot


4D iTools is always diponible in your menu bar.